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Today I had EVERY intention of adventuring allllll day again.  well…. yeah, that didn’t happen.  I wanted soo badly to go horsback riding at Kualoa Ranch, but I waited too long to plan my day out, apparently calling to make reservations the day of is frowned upon.  Other adventures were going to include Manoa Falls, work, the Makapu’u (hehe) Point Lighthouse Trail, work, and the Ukulele Festival.  Well, I only made it to the 42nd Annual Ukulele (EW-kuh-lay-lay) Festival… womp womp …

Grabbed my backpack with my laptop packed tight and walked and grabbed breakfast at Cheeseburger Waikiki. After that, I headed over to Kapioloni Park to see what this Ukulele Festival was all about … it was HOT, and then I looked at my phone.  82 degrees … uhhh it is possible I might melt in the Texas heat next weekend.  I have been spoiled rotten by incredible weather!  The Uke Fest was awesome.  There were people EVERYWHERE and despite the fact that it was in Waikiki, the crowd was mostly made up of locals.  It made me happy.  Thanks for the heads-up about the festival Denise, I would have never known about it!!

Howz about a skinny scramble?

The festival was pretty much centered around a pavilion where different groups would play the uke for the crowd.  It seems like a pretty big deal here.  When I was there I got to see the Keiki (Kiddos) play.  They were so cute!!!  And so I thought to myself, if they can do it SURELY I can learn and then become famous and move to Hawaii and live on North Shore…. sigh …. I can see it now!  :)  The keiki played twinkle twinkle little star … so I guess my to-do list is growing.  Step one, find an ukulele.  Step two, learn to play.  Step three, learn to sing. Step four, learn to sing and play at the same time.  I am rather deficient in coordination so this could be an interesting experience …

these guys were from north shore

The pavilion… I couldn’t really get up close to get a better picture of the keiki, but you get it

uhhhhhh …. Heaven on wheels?? I think so … Leonard’s Malasadas. I will be making a special trip to Leonards this week because I MUST have a malasada before I leave. or three…

Creepin on the cute family at the Festival

they all got medals :)


uke’s are just plain pretty

After the festival I walked over to LuLu’s for some water and pupus… this place is great for two reasons… the name and the view.  I knew I needed to get a little bit of work done, but when I sat down and started at it, I realized just how much I still needed to get caught up on to be ready for my last week in Huh-VY-ee. :(  Test, work queues, test, send cranky e-mails, test … you get it.  After I realized I needed to focus, I decided I had two choices… run away to North Shore and no one will ever know OR keep my job and get stuff done.  ugh.


hello frand. give me those …

I liked his case … kewll….


Soooooo … I hiked my happy butt back to the condo so that I could work and clean and do laundry and get ready for the week allllll at the same time.  I even got to take a NAP (mom and B you would have been so proud)!!  SO, even though my day wasn’t full of fun adventures, I had a nice relaxing day … I was worn out from yesterdays funtivities anyways, AND I get to keep my job! Yayyyyyy…..

For everything that didn’t get crossed off of my list …. Welp… I guess I will have to figure out how to get back out here SOON!  Besides … I’ve been told that the waves on North Shore in the winter months are just incredible and HUGE!

Here’s to an exciting last few days in Hawaii!! I feel like I am going to have some great material for da blog this week!!!

LOVE LOVE LOVE!!! (and miss my texans)

See y’all in a week!  ;)

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